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ParkPow Notifications Setup Guide

ParkPow offers the functionality to send custom notifications to Windows computers based on different triggers. This guide describes how to setup the notification on your Windows machine.


Step 1: Pushbullet setup#

  1. Sign up to Pushbullet.
  2. After creating your account and you are able to sign in to your account, install the Windows Pushbullet appand login with your Google account.
  3. Create your Pushbullet API token. Go to your account's settings, to the "Access Tokens" section and create a new token. Copy this token and store it in a safe place. Do not share it with anyone. Pushbullet Token

Step 2: Notifications ParkPow setup#

  1. Log into your ParkPow account.
  2. Create a new Webhook. Make sure you use the following settings as shown in the image below, replacing <your_access_token_here> with the Pushbullet API token value that you used in the prior steps.
Url:{  "Authorization": "Bearer <your_access_token_here>"}

Webhook setup

  1. Create a new alert. Make sure you select the webhook that you have just created at the previous step from the Webhooks drop-down menu and include any details particular to the vehicles that you would like to be alerted about. Alert setup

You are done! The next time a vehicle matching the details filled in the alert page will be detected, you will receive a notification on the computer. Here is an example of how a notification would look like:

Alert notification


How do I change the location where my notifications show up?#

  1. In the Pushbullet Windows app, go to Settings.
  2. Set Notification location according to your needs (by default, it is Bottom right). Change notifications location

How do I see all the notifications that were sent to my computer?#

In the Pushbullet Windows app, go to People and you will find all the notifications sent. All notifications